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The Kids

We mapped out our plan and decided to get local slates and start a home school for the kids at the slum. Fortunately for us, the following day was a public holiday so I went to the market in the purchase of the slates.

I was surprised that most of the shops outside our university campus gate do not have them. I was told to go to Beere Oje( A local market in town) that that is a place I can find such. I decided to go to Dugbe market instead and went from shop to shop asking for the local slate but couldn’t get any, I was already getting frustrated when I saw a woman sitting outside her shop. So I told myself if I ask this woman and she doesn’t have it, I am going back to school.

I approached the woman knowing she will give me same response as others but to my surprise, she asked how many dozen! I was shocked, so I explained what I wanted again and she went inside and brought them for me. I was so happy, the whole dream was coming to reality.

Getting back to school with a dozen of the slates, Ayo’ was happy to see them.

The following day, we went visiting the slum to inform them of our plan to start a home school for their kids. We were told to meet their Seriki (head of the community), who is also a Nigerien.

After explaining our mission to him, he told us before we can start anything with the children, we must get him a job and accommodation. Bearing in mind that we were just in our second year at the university at the time, we told him we’ll be back since he was not ready to reason with us.

But we saw a green light, the look on the faces of the mothers not agreeing with what the Seriki was saying.

This was the beginning of our experience at the slum.


I realized;

  • Whatever we’re looking for is also looking for us only if we don’t give up too soon.
  • Whatever the challenge might be, there is always a clue leading to the solution so don’t focus on the challenge but the clue that leads to your desired solution.

It will interest you to know that The Niger Republic Ambassador to Nigeria and some of the Directors at the Niger Embassy are also reading this. Don’t give up on your dream, the challenges is only testing your intentions and staying power.

Let’s meet here same time next week. You sure don’t want to miss the next series.

Your Friend,

-Ma Funmi


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