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I LOST MY TEAM!Series 19.

Ma Funmi and her new found family.

Getting back to school, I met with each of my team members and narrated my experience with the mother and her boy and the fact that I will like us to make the street community especially the kids our priority and we should have a burning desire to help the needy

They all showed sympathy for the plight of the boy and his mother but declined in their commitment to such moves. Some of them reminded me of some of the assumptions we have heard about the street community saying they have magic power, dangerous and obviously very dirty and also that most of them have mansions in their home town built with the money they begged for.

I had been to their slum, seen their living condition and even had a conversation with some of them. I was sure most of these assumptions were framed up so I chose to release any of the team members that wasn’t ready to go ahead with me.

Just when I thought I was on my own and was almost questioning this new move of mine, I chose to speak to one more person, AyoBankole and his response startled me. He told he is been thinking about the plight of the kids but needed someone to take the lead while he compliments the effort. It was an answered prayer, I was so delighted.


  • As a dreamer, it is very normal for people to doubt what you’re saying for they did not see what you are seeing. Don’t blame them.
  • You don’t need a crowd to achieve great things, one committed team member is enough.

Let’s meet here same time next week, I apologise for taking vacation on you- smiles. I promise to always keep it coming this New Year.

Your Friend,

Ma Funmi

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