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As I was waiting for my pictures at the lab, I saw a group of half-healed lunatics walking together singing. Now, if you ever lived in Ondo State Nigeria, you will know this set of people. These people are lunatics going through the healing process in a white garment church, they are often seen walking together on the streets singing a particular song that people decided to name them after “Omo Baba,le mi nse…” meaning “I’m a child of the father…”

Back to my story, I saw them singing along the street and a thought came to my mind saying “these are the kind of my kids’ parents” meaning “the kids I’m called to take care of are born of these kinds of people.” Before I could come back to my senses to think of the implication of this rare though, I saw the woman leading them wearing exactly like the Ankara I had on with the same style. I was shocked! Immediately I knew God was confirming the thought to me that it’s not just a mere thought but Him speaking to me.

This incident defines my mission to humanity and why I do what I do in the way I do them. Needless to say, my entrance to the street community (the street kids and their parents) was not an easy one and to talk of what I’ve been privileged to see and hear among the people is another thing.

I understand we all have some assumptions about the street community but from my next series here, I will be unfolding things I’ve seen and experienced among them and easy ways an individual, organizations and the government can give a lasting solution to their plight.

Let’s meet here next week, you sure don’t want to miss the next series. Till then, keep following your dreams, it might be challenging but I promise you, it will be peaceful for peace is the divine compass that guides every dreamer.

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