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Bye Bye To Koma Hills.

Besides seeing the uniqueness of the Koma people, I also saw another wonder in Koma. Getting there, I was told Pastor Kayode was not on the hill that he was out on an official trip but he had made arrangement for one of the Pastors, Pastor Ajayi to attend to me. It did not take me more than a day to realize the passion at which all the sirs and the mas were operating with. Assuming I had not met Pastor Kay prior to that time, I would have been confused about who pastor kay is among the sirs.

I got curies and was ready to ask questions. Since I had a good relationship with each of them, I decided to engage them in discussion individually. My question was simple, ‘what brought you here?’ The response I got shocked me. I got to understand that they are all graduates, so I asked further ‘is it that there is no job opportunities and you decided to come here?’ They all told me their vision and I was made to understand that they all have their dreams too in Koma Hills.

Then I got the understanding that when God gives a vision, He will bring people our way to help fulfil the vision not because they like our faces but because in our vision is their visions too.

Finally, it was time for me to leave. I thought of all my experience on the hills and my observations too and I realized I had gotten beyond what I bargained for within the short period.  I was back home to have the last week of my holiday with my family before school resumption. On one of the days at home, I decided to go print the pictures I took at Koma so I could show it to my team when I get back to school. Little did I know what I was about to experience on the street that day.

Let’s meet here next week, you sure don’t want to miss the next series. Till then, keep following your dreams, it might be challenging but I promise you it will be peaceful for peace is the divine compass that guides every dreamer.

Is my chronicles blessing you in any way or will you like to ask me some questions?  I will like to hear from you.

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