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‘The moment an eagle sight another eagle soaring, no matter how long it has been dining and wining with chickens, her desire will be shifted from scratching the ground looking for daily bread to seeing the world view right under her, soaring!’-Ma Funmi

Starting from the beginning,  on 9th of September,2005 when I witnessed Bukola Scott now Bukola Adeolu-Dele in a debate on a topic coined out of her God zone (area of grace) I opened my mouth wide because I could see beyond just a faculty debate, I saw the heaven kissing the earth in my very presence. I saw what could be made possible when we allow divinity takes over our humanity and that very day Kings ‘n’ Queens Circle was born, now known as Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi).

This couldn’t have been made possible if not for God and the two first set of people I shared the dream with, my good friends; Yemi Ogunsina and Wale-Otunba. Yemi came up with the name Kings and Queens Circle, all I did was changed the and to ‘n’ and wale was always there to encourage me.

Most times we prefer The Imagination Phase of our idea/dream to The Reality Phase. October 3rd, Yemi called me that they have found a remand home for the execution of the dream. I gasped! I thought I should be happy and excited about locating a remand home but alas, the reality of the whole process dawn on me and that troubled me all through the day!

8th October 2005, I was outside the remand home and trust me it was like visiting a prison. After asking me a series of questions the type University of Ibadan did not remember to ask me before giving me admission, I felt like one of the kids!

Did I mention that Yemi and Wale refused to follow me for the first visit? Yemi told me; “Funmi it’s your dream, go ahead we are right behind you but not today.” Stepping into that home is another experience I can never forget. Let’s meet here same time next week, I’ll let it all out.

Note: This is just a starting from the very beginning, I still have a lot of tales to unfold.

Till then, keep keeping on

You’re almost there!

Your Friend

Ma Funmi

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