INTRODUCING …CHRONICLES OF Ma Funmi On the street Community

Hello, Dear Friends and Partners of HSKi,

Introducing you to the chronicles of Ma Funmi on the Street Community.

The journey of life is more interesting when you can share the good and bad side for people to learn from. Life has thrown me around and to a large extent can I can say am a conqueror, That’s why am inspired to name this series chronicles of Ma Funmi on the street community.

it’s about the journey of Funmi Omisope on the street. The conviction, fears and courageous moves. Also, about what she was a privilege to know about the street community. Ultimately, its to challenge and inspire other dreamers to venture into their dreamland in spite of their fears

Sitting back to meditate on my life and work on the street for over 13 years counting; the events both the good, the bad and the ugly. Some I remembered and had a good laugh to myself while some, I can’t but shook my head and with some, I shed some tears for it can only be God that brought me this far.

We mostly put up our best legs on social media but I chose to use this space every Fridays to tell you my story- unscripted. “Chronicles of Ma Funmi on the street community” I tagged it. Stick with me, you will be inspired, challenged, and ultimately encouraged to take that step into your big stage.

Till we meet next Friday, keep keeping on. You’re almost there.

-Your Friend

-Ma Funmi

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