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WE WERE CAUGHT UNAWARE! (Children’s Day) Series 23

I felt 2 inches taller leading my team to the slum on the Children’s Day to make history. The people around were looking at us as we made our way through the corners that led to the slum but the joy was short-lived. We got to the slum expecting the kids to welcome us with warm hugs and songs but alas! We met an empty community.

I was puzzled because they were all happy the last time we were there or so it seemed. We met a woman, Galala by name with her two young girls and a baby boy. She wasn’t a beggar. Her husband did menial jobs and her kids went to school in their home country. They were around for holidays here in Nigeria.

I was devastated but managed to hold myself before my team. We chatted with Galala and her kids whilst I told my team to go back to school. I was going to wait for the people to return home from work (begging) as they liked to refer to it.

The people returned around 7 pm and were shocked to still meet me. The kids were being cautious around me, showing that they had held a meeting after our last visit. The kids were told to go inside but I could see them hiding behind a broken door with tears rushing from their eyes. Seeing kids cry and throw tantrums is not a new thing but having them look at me silently with tears rushing from their eyes, broke my heart.

Their hope was being ruined by their parents’ decisions. I was moved to tears but had to hold it because giving in to my tears might be seen by the kids as a sign of hopelessness and my inability to help them.

One of the fathers threatened to hide one of the kids and go report at the police station that I kidnapped her so as to get rid of me. At this time, I checked my watch, it was after 8 pm so I knew I had to leave. Discouragement was an understatement. I was tired but all in all, we made the children’s day celebration as memorable


I realised that,

  • Challenges are things we cannot do without in fulfilling our dreams.
  • Like drilling a borehole and encountering rocks, you don’t retire, you blast the rocks. The same approach must be given to every challenge you meet as dreamers.
  • Take time out to study the rock but don’t give up, you’re far from the surface level, so keep drilling, and you’ll soon get to the water table where your dream will be celebrated by all.

Let’s meet here on Friday, You sure don’t want to miss the next series.


This period of lockdown is the best time to work on that your dream and I will be glad to walk you through it. Let me know what you think in the comment section, I’ll be glad to read from you.

Your Friend,

Ma Funmi.


  1. Jennifer

    Ability to hold one’s head high, and reason, is a difficult thing to do, especially when confronted face to face with a challenge. You have shown such a quality.

  2. Otunla Oluwadamilola

    Keep drilling even if you encounter a rock….Kai,and rocks are hard o. But with consistency and being persistent, it will Break. Thank you Ma Funmi

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