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We were more than excited going back to school. We spoke to our friends and roommates about the home school. Everything was looking so promising at this point.

We got a blackboard and arranged for 3 computer systems alongside the writing materials. The kids started the countdown with their fingers showing they were really looking forward to going to school.

I remember having a discussion with one of the kids, I showed her a young girl in school uniform and to help her imagination of what going to school means, I said to her “you too will wear school uniform, shoe, socks and carry school bag like that girl.” She shouted and covered her face in great joy.

One of my friends saw the kids at our campus gate while coming to school and decided to have a conversation with them.

My Friend: Do you know Ma Funmi?

The kids were looking at her without giving a response,

My Friend: The Ma Funmi wey won put you for school” meaning, the Ma Funmi that want to enrol you in school.

The kids shouted with great joy and told her “tell Ma Funmi say it remain like this…”, they showed her six fingers to indicate the number of days left to start the school.

27th of May became a day we were all looking forward to. Worthy of note, at this point in time most of my team members were back to the team for the moves became interesting so no one wanted to be left behind.

Finally, the day came, 27th of May. We gathered all we planned and headed to the community with great joy and expectations but to our utmost surprise…
Let’s meet here same time next week. You sure don’t want to miss the next series.


I realized:

  • It might take a few to start the pursuit of the dream but with time, so many other people will come on- board, its normal. Some people need to see you making some sense with the idea before coming on-board.

Kindly Note:

You can now drop your comment. I will like to read from you.

This series is dedicated to my dear friend and roommate, Late Nkechi Obi. May her blessed soul keep resting in the bosom of our Lord.

Your Friend,

-Ma Funmi

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