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Project NaiHealth

NaiHealth is a health solution which promotes micro-health insurance and low-cost health products and services in disadvantaged communities. 

The solution includes active on-site and online recruitment to micro-health insurance platform, connection of target communities to nearby hospitals and health centers, and provision of relevant health-care products and services. Through this, NaiHealth promotes affordable healthcare in Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and access to affordable health solutions for all including maternal, child the disabled. Also, NaiHealth will improve health-seeking behaviors and achieve holistic health promotion in target communities.

NaiHealth addresses the problem of limited access to quality healthcare due to socioeconomic hardships in underprivileged populations. According to World Poverty Clock, 44.4% of Nigeria’s population (88.2million people) live in poverty. These poverty-stricken communities include slums, street people, nomadic settlements, refugees and illegal immigrants from neighboring countries. Most of them typically resort to begging and less than menial activities with their children to survive. Therefore, due to their economic disadvantage and poor living conditions, they are often exposed to and affected by extreme health conditions and diseases but find it very difficult to pay for quality health services on demand. So, the solution that NaiHealth provides in connecting such communities to low-cost, affordable and quality healthcare services and products is meeting an important need towards their health and well-being

NaiHealth was officially launched on UHCDay celebration, an event which HSKi celebrated at Koro Afoju, a disadvantaged slum community in Ilorin, Kwara State, where NaiHealth is being initiated. The UHC Day event was attended by 563 people and 502 people registered for NaiHealth platform. Community payment and service delivery processes for UHC are currently being finalized between HSKi, NHIS, the local hospital and the local community heads. Also, commitments were made by all major stakeholders involved to continue advocacy and registration of more people.

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