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Good Health For All: HSKi celebrates UHC Day and launches NaiHealth

On 12th December 2018, HSKi organized an advocacy event in celebration of UHC Day 2018, themed “Health for shikini money” The event aimed to promote awareness on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Koro Afoju, a target slum community in Ilorin, Nigeria and register the people to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

The event started at 7:30 am with a short event awareness march around Koro Afoju where the HSKi march team reached the major community market and the living environments of the Seriki (local community head), chiefs and general inhabitants. HSKi marchers utilized UHC/HSKi-branded items such as T-shirts, posters, placards and banners, and utilized the services of a music DJ to draw public attention and make the event colourful and interesting. Also, the HSKi team answered inquiries and questions raised about the event from community onlookers and passersby in their stores, shops, houses and streets.

The march ended at 9:35 am at the designated open space that was previously provided by the Seriki (on behalf of the community) for the main event. Subsequently, the main event started at 10:00 am with the attendance of the specially invited guests/speakers – Seriki, local chiefs, Mrs Oluwatoyin Bello-Maniak (Director of NHIS Informal Sector), Dr Tunde Iyanda (a longtime health partner of HSKi) and Dr Shittu Lamidi, the Chief Medical Director of Temitope Hospital, a registered private hospital which is the closest and most familiar health centre by the Koro Afoju community. Additionally, media correspondents from various newspapers and radio stations were present to cover the event.

Key highlights of the event agenda included Mrs Bello-Maniak’s speech and detailed explanation of the NHIS scheme; Dr Shittu’s interactive session on personal and environmental hygiene; the Q&A session with the people on registration and utilization of the NHIS for the community; the launch of NaiHealth  (a health solution which will continue to promote UHC in related target communities); and the Seriki’s commitment to continue working with HSKi and NHIS on all processes required for the community to register and benefit from UHC.

After the event ended at 12:18 pm, all attendees were served refreshments and attended to by volunteer medical consultants. The volunteer doctors provided free medical tests and consultation including eye tests, BMI, blood pressure and nutritional advice.

The event grant of $1500 from UHC2030 was spent on venue chairs, tents and tables, media materials and promotion (posters, flyers, T-shirts, banners), photography and video coverage, DJs and event management. The UHC Day event was attended by 563 people and 502 people registered for the NHIS. Community payment and service delivery processes for UHC are currently being finalized between HSKi, NHIS and the local community heads. Also, commitments were made by all major stakeholders involved to continue the advocacy and registration of more people. Eventually, the UHC Day at Koro Afoju community ended by 4:00 pm with great joy and appreciation by the people, and fulfilment of purpose by HSKi.

See pictures from the event below.

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