Street Love

This is a platform where festive periods and public holidays are celebrated with the street-connected children and their families, one of such holidays is the International day of the street children April 12th and the children’s day celebration that holds on May 27th. The kids are either taken out to recreational centers or items like food and clothing are provided for them. This act helps to build trust between our organization and the street families.



Street Love

Street Love

HSKI organizes projects that allow her to gain access to the street community, having in mind the needs and lacks the street community. Due to the lockdown imposed by the government due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to put a hold on these projects. But then the lockdown extended to the Ramadan Season. Most of our street kids and their families are Muslim’s, so the organization decided to embark on a project we called Street love @ Ramadan.

Who are those you reached out to?

HSKI reached out to the street community popularly called the Almajiri’s here in Kwara State and we targeted locations where this people sit to beg for alms.

What did you give out?

We gave out Bread and boiled eggs/Moinmoin/Koko (palp).


HSKI targeted four locations in the city metropolis, because these are areas known for the large numbers of people who beg for alms. The locations are Geri-Alimi, Tipper garage, Offa garage and Gambari. A portion of the food is also set aside for the colony of blind beggars which is handed over to the Seriki (the leader) of the colony.


HSKI started on the sixth of the Ramadan fast, 29th of April 2020, at that time the state government allowed movement for only three days in a week, Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and those were the days we selected for the outreach in order not to violate any laws.

Street Love


One of HSKi objectives is to show love to the street community, to communicate that our different economic levels we are still humans and reaching out to the street community is one of the ways to show this. We also considered that it would be difficult for hungry people to fast, so we decided to make things easier for them.

Street Love

How you went about it?

HSKI set up a team of volunteers and with her executive director we went out on the designated day’s to distribute food. All of HSKI’s funding comes from sponsorship by the good people of the public and her partners, and with God on our side, we hope to complete the remaining days left for the fasting.

Your personal take on Covid-19

It is not the first pandemic that has occurred, so this too shall pass.

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