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MY EXPERIENCE IN KOMA HILLS(The Koma People), DAY 2. Series 12

The Koma People, also Nigerians.

I could hardly sleep knowing I will be taken around the hills to feed my curiosity the following day. Finally, on Saturday, we set out after breakfast, the first place we visited was the river. I saw two women washing their clothes in a way I had never seen before. These women removed all the clothes they have on to wash. They greeted us normally as if nothing was wrong. I looked at Sir Paul in a shocking way but he told me to be normal so I smiled with them as we exchanged greetings.

While discussing the experience, I didn’t know when we got to the market. I couldn’t walk around as thought because of what welcomed me. I saw most of the people half-naked and going through their transactions but then I saw a woman who was half-naked as others except for the scarf tied on her head. I didn’t know when I turned to Sir Paul and said where does she suppose to cover?!

The experience was enough for the day so we returned to the mission camp. I couldn’t take my mind off my experience at the market and to talk about the fact that we are all Nigerians got me thinking. I couldn’t help but say I had astounding memories with the koma people

Let’s meet here next week, you sure don’t want to miss the next series. Till then, keep following your dreams, it might be challenging but I promise you it will be peaceful for peace is the divine compass that guides every dreamer.

Is my chronicles blessing you in any way or will you like to ask me some questions?  I will like to hear from you.

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