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I AM THE LORD GOD OF ALL FLES. Kids begging at our campus Series 16.

Getting home that evening, I was shocked to hear our neighbours discussing on how evil and terrible the Niger Republic immigrants in Ibadan are and to think of it, most of the kids begging at our campus gate are from Niger and with this new information about them, I became troubled with the voice I earlier heard of “how will it look like having them in school.”

I told myself I can’t do it. Then I lost my peace and couldn’t sleep till around 2:00 am thinking and meditating about the information and why I can’t take up the challenge. Eventually, I picked up my bible and saw this verse as if just written there for me “I am the Lord God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me to do?”

Now I knew God meant business so I told Him if you are the one sending me on this journey, ‘let me get a room in the school hostel as a confirmation’.

He told me, “You will get the room but next week Friday”. I was up the following morning paying attention to every street kids I see, just studying them from afar.

I kept going to the hall of residence forgotten totally that He said Friday and on Thursday, just a day to the Friday, I got discouraged because my name wasn’t pasted on the noticeboard. I gave up and planned to divert my accommodation fee to something else then settle for off-campus.

At about 5:00pm on Friday, because I chose not to go to the hall again, I got a call from my friend that my name is on the noticeboard. I couldn’t believe it, I was like: how come? I didn’t submit a special letter! I was in school first thing the following day to really be sure and to my uttermost amazement, my full name was on the list! My friends were rejoicing but I was speechless knowing the assignment attached.

Let’s meet here same time next week when I will be letting it all out.

So I got this comment and thought of sharing it with you:

This indeed is an intelligent carved expository message showing that defining moments in every man’s life when he is faced with the reality of what his existence really means; a unique period of cosmic discovery describing how passion merges with purpose to create a pathway amid the meandering struggles of life. It commands divine wisdom for all persons who are open-minded to grasp the knowledge it offers.

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