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Koma Hills.

My experience at Grace Orphanage was a very interesting one. I was surprised at the rapid improvement in the health of the children.

If there was one thing I can say about Grace Orphanage, it is that the kids are well taken care of, to the extent that I added flesh when I was leaving.

May 1st 2006, I took permission from the home supervisor to go attend my church 25th anniversary, Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel).

Getting to Canaanland, Living Faith Church Camp, the whole place was set for the celebration with multitude of people from different nations of the world in attendance for the one week long silver jubilee celebration.

On the 6th of May, I was in one of the eateries at the camp when I saw some teenagers coming in. I couldn’t take my eyes off them for they all look northerner. I looked closer and saw the northern tribal mark on their faces.

I asked my sister who was with me, ‘could these be Koma children?’ for we both watched Koma hills documentary three years prior to this time. Koma is a settlement on the hills where all the dwellers goes half naked in this 21st century in Adamawa State, Yola. In Nigeria. Pastor Kayode Momolosho discovered the settlement in the year 1995, clothed most of the dwellers and established a free boarding school for their children. She told me to wait and see who will come for the teenagers. Few minutes later we saw Pastor Kayode Momolosho (of blessed memory) walked in to meet the kids.

I almost jumped out of my skin in great surprise and excitement. I went straight to meet him and asked if he’s Pastor Kayode Momolosho. He gave me a firm yes with a smile on his face and asked me hope there’s no problem.

I told him none, but that I want him to mentor me. I also told him that I see myself doing exactly what he’s doing in the nearest future. He looked at me and told me to allow him attend to the kids first.

Needless to say, I couldn’t eat my food again, I was overwhelmed with great joy. After few hours, he signalled to me to follow him. He shared some wisdom with me that evening that are golden to my journey in life.

As I was about saying goodnight after 3 hours of listening to his wise words, he told me “Funmi, come over to Koma Hills. You’ve been reading about vision, come and see vision!” I declined immediately because at the time, I had never been to the northern part of Nigeria. Besides, considering the people I saw in the documentary, all naked. It was far from my imagination and I was not ready to come to term with it.

He then told me “Funmi, your dream will always live in your imagination if you’re not ready to come out of your comfort zone.” I got the message so I told him I will think about it and get back to him.

I returned back to the orphanage and discussed it with the home supervisor who didn’t agree with the idea. As much as everything around me were proving why I shouldn’t go on the journey, I felt a peace in my heart about the journey.

I called him few days after and informed him I will be making the journey on the following Monday then he said, “That means you will get here on Tuesday”. I was confused, then he added “it will take you two days to get here!” I told him to give me few more days to think about making the journey again.

I bet you don’t want to miss the next series as my path is being led to my land of the known. Let’s meet here next week as I take you through my journey of becoming. The present situation might not look like your promised destination but if God is involved, you can trust the process.

Your Friend,

Ma Funmi



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