Can You Die For This Course?

I left the prayer ground to my friend’s room, told her my resolution and she agreed with me. There was a university lecture event on that day, to be delivered by a well-respected professor at the faculty of Education, Professor Aderemi Bamishaye.

She was to speak on the difference between a learned man and an educated man. The topic caught my attention so I decided to attend. In the course of her lecture, she mentioned that in her preparation for the lecture, she decided to ask  28 people to name one living Nigerian they believed could die for the course he/she believes in.

In their responses, most named Jesus Christ, some mentioned their names and others Dora Akunyili. I couldn’t hear any other thing again, the question kept ringing in my head all through the day. Can I die for this course?!

 I was in the library the following day when I got a call from Reverend Samson Agboaye in town. He told me there was someone from Niger Republic and he wanted me to meet him. I was so glad because prior to this time, I was always on the internet reading about Niger Republic and her people. I left for his office immediately and there, I met Pastor Tony, a missionary from Niamey, Niger Republic.

I asked him so many questions that he started laughing and told me to come pay them a visit but I will need an international passport. Thankfully at that time, my faculty was going for an excursion so I diverted the money given me for the excursion to get my international passport.

I was happy to get my passport but Pastor Tony had returned back to Niger at the time. He also informed me that I would need nothing less than fifty thousand Naira ($143) to visit Niger Republic which would cover my travel expenses and transport within the city. He graciously offered to take care of my feeding and accommodation.

 Tried all I could with the help of my friends but all I could get was twelve thousand Naira ($35). I picked a date for my journey regardless.


I realised,

  1. The first question to ask yourself before embarking on that dream/vision is “can I die for this course?”
  2. All you need to do is be open minded and the dots will be connected by the Dream Giver, He always makes a way.

Let’s meet here again on Saturday, you sure don’t want to miss the next series.

Your Friend,

Ma Funmi

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