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Based on our over 15 years’ experience in transforming and engaging street-connected children in formal and informal educational activities, we realized providing a sustainable source of income for their mothers would make a huge difference in the quality of their engagement and pace of learning.
It has been proven that women reinvest almost 75% of their income into the family, compared to 30% to 40% by men. This means women spend more on their children—food, shelter, and education—which creates long-term social and economic gains for their communities. This makes them an integral part of ending the cycle of poverty. In fact, if women had the same access to productive resources as men, they could drastically reduce the rate of out of school children in Nigeria.

This was the idea that prompted our Project Empower Me with the aim of providing financial and basic micro business education for the street-connected mothers. This gives the women a hand-up to better support themselves and their families and achieve personal dignity.

Eligible teenagers and youth are additionally provided with relevant vocational and life skills which empowers them with opportunities for regular and dignified sources of income.

Empower A Parent Today

In order to encourage savings habit among them and make them see that anyone can save, we rolled out a challenge for everyone that will save an amount from #200 to #500 weekly, for the next 10 weeks, will have her savings doubled. We also had 3 representatives from the Seriki of Koro Afoju graced the event.
This can’t be a success without the dedication and commitment of our friends and partners, we say God bless you all. Also to the team-HSKi, you guys are the best.

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