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Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi) has been serving the street community for over 15 years

Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi) has been serving the street community for over 15 years. With the vision “To Turn Craving Hands To Creative Minds” through Guidance and Counseling, Skill Acquisition training, Quality Education, Policy Advocacy and Reintegration back into the society. HSKi has endeavored to heal hurting souls and turn sad faces into happy ones. We have touched the lives of children, who had no hope, and have given them an opportunity to flourish.

We rescue and rehabilitate children who are mainly abandoned, abused, desperate, neglected and hopeless. We then provide them with food, clothing, education, medical care, mentorship and – most importantly – unconditional love. At HSKi, we consider education as the best mode of rehabilitation. Through this program, we facilitate full transformation of rescued children by supporting them through education until they acquire the highest level of training based on their ability. We also empower their mothers and offer them vocational training and a no interest micro loan to equip them for self-reliance.

Since 2005, HSKi has helped to inspire and connect over 2000 children to the bigger pictures of themselves. Currently, we have 100 children across Kwara State and FCT, Abuja benefiting from our program.

Our mentorship programs are aimed at rehabilitating the children morally through positive character transformation with the view of making them to know and love God; while at the same time living dignified lives. Our goal is to transform them into people who can be trusted and relied upon.


To turn craving hands to creative minds


To turn craving hands to creative minds through rehabilitation: guidance and counseling, skill acquisition training, quality education, policy advocacy and reintegration back into the society.

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“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” – Mother Teresa.

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