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Amazing Kids Sport
Academy- AMSA


Amazing Kids Sport Academy- AMSA

As an organization, we aim to create an avenue for reformation through sports, by introducing sporting activities that would help broaden the minds of the street children we are targeting and help them envision a better future for themselves. The street children have encountered a lot of challenges and some have been exposed to trauma at an early age. This project is intended to be used as a means of transformation in the lives of the children and help foster hope through sports.

One thing that is common to every street child is excess energy, especially for the boys. We see this in our rehabilitation center (TOSA) everyday. Instead of us complaining about it or seeing it as a challenge, we choose to see the treasure in it and so AMSA was born. AMSA is where energy will be harnessed, passion nurtured and mega stars produced. This project also promotes inclusion, participation, and equality as the girls are allowed to participate in whatever sport they choose.

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