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We rescue and rehabilitate children who are mainly abandoned, abused, desperate, neglected and hopeless. We then provide them with food, clothing, education, medical care, mentorship and – most importantly – unconditional love.

At HSKi, we consider education as the best mode of rehabilitation. Through this program, we facilitate full transformation of rescued children by supporting them through education until they acquire the highest level of training based on their ability. We also empower their mothers and offer them vocational training and no interest micro loan to equip them for self-reliance.

The Oasis Academy (TOSA)

Our kids come from a peculiar sphere of life and that cannot be ignored. This is why we have established an institution of learning which takes that into account. At The Oasis Academy, rehabilitated kids are taught using unconventional methods which are specially tailored to meet their needs. Most street kids can only yearn for formal education, we bring that hope to life.


Empower Me

When you take a mother off the streets, her 6 children follow suit.  Given this fact, we create projects centered around the empowerment of street parents. Our skill acquisition program is suited for both abled and handicapped parents to benefit. We also provide financial support to enable them to begin businesses that serve to sustain them afterward.

Creative Hub

The importance we places in the improvement, of not only the present lives of the street connected children but also in their future, can be seen in the innovative approach we take in solving the issues surrounding them. Creative hub is one of such approach, and it goes in line with the vision of HSKi, which is to turn craving hands into creative minds. Creative hub is a skill acquisition project that involves the acquisition of expertise in majorly Crafts, such as Bag making, shoe making and Fashion designing. The HUB holds every Saturday so as not to disrupt school activities and currently has 20 children, who are distributed across these three skills who are being trained by seasoned facilitators. The hub is meant to run for a year, after which an open exhibition would hold, which would give the children a chance to show case the different products they have been able to come up with from what they have learnt.


Amazing Kids Sport Academy- AMSA

As an organization, we aim to create an avenue for reformation through sports, by introducing sporting activities that would help broaden the minds of the street children we are targeting and help them envision a better future for themselves. The street children have encountered a lot of challenges and some have been exposed to trauma at an early age. This project is intended to be used as a means of transformation in the lives of the children and help foster hope through sports.

One thing that is common to every street child is excess energy, especially for the boys. We see this in our rehabilitation center (TOSA) everyday. Instead of us complaining about it or seeing it as a challenge, we choose to see the treasure in it and so AMSA was born. AMSA is where energy will be harnessed, passion nurtured and mega stars produced. This project also promotes inclusion, participation, and equality as the girls are allowed to participate in whatever sport they choose.

Want to make a difference?

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” – Mother Teresa.

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