We entered Niamey, Niger Republic well after 10:00 pm and was welcomed by the heat. Immediately, I realised I was no longer in Nigeria. I was taken to the mission quarters and shown my room.

I woke up late the following morning and found Pastor Tony already in the kitchen making breakfast. I told him to leave it for me but he insisted. I was given a bottle of groundnut to snack on. I narrated my experience with Uncle Morocco to him and when I mentioned that he asked if I was coming to Niger to hustle, he started laughing. I was puzzled and then shocked when Pastor Tony explained that Uncle Morocco was actually asking if I was going to Niger for prostitution!

I was still reeling from this shock when I saw some kids running towards the back of the building. I wondered if there was another building behind. I got curious and decided to check on them and say hello. What I discovered shocked the daylight out of me.

I found the little kids eating from the waste bin filled with rotten mangoes and covered with flies. I screamed but couldn’t communicate with them. The kids ran away except a little boy who was too shocked to run, I told him to follow me and gave him some groundnut. I could ask Pastor Tony about the kids and why they were eating the waste.

I was shocked to learn that the kids lived in that same area. I was surprised because the area is in the heart of the city. According to Pastor Tony, most of the parents were well to do but did not have their kids as their priority. This made me sad.

Finally, breakfast was ready and served; hot tea, egg and bread. The bread was bland and tasteless so I couldn’t eat much. I drank my tea and was okay.


I realized that:

The first sight of our dreamland will be at its worst state, it’s our responsibility to roll up our sleeves and go to work in order for us to bring into reality what we have always imagined.

Let’s talk about your Chronicles!

My reason for writing about my journey to fulfilment is to achieve 3 things among many others:

  1. To encourage you on your own journey and make you understand that whatever phase you are in, it’s just a series out of so many you will still live.
  2. To show you how God leads us through our normal everyday life, even when we thought we missed Him.
  3. To let you know that you don’t need to feel ready to dive, only go at His command. Your maturity will meet you on the way.

Will you like to tell me about your chronicles and the present series you are living? The comment space is for you.

Till we meet same time next week, keep living your purpose.

Your Friend,

Ma Funmi

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