12:00noon seemed so far away but I had no choice but to wait. The first bus came by 8:00am and I began to count down to 12:00noon.

Eventually by 12:00noon, our bus arrived. I couldn’t be happier. ‘Finally! I will go see the Niger Republic, strange land indeed’ I said to myself. We were comfortably seated and with a smile on my face when a young man boarded the bus only to challenge Pastor Tony of being in his seat! We thought he alighted with the others not knowing he only went to use the toilet.

Apparently, only one seat was vacant so it was either one of us go with the bus or we both got down and wait for the 2:00pm bus! We were about getting off the bus when a young man from the back seat said something in their local Language and all of them started laughing. I looked at them and felt really bad but couldn’t do anything.

2:00 pm looked like forever to me and because my mind couldn’t take the waiting any longer, I decided to sleep since I barely slept at night. Thankfully, our bus arrived at 2:30 pm, and our names were called one after the other to board the bus. Whilst waiting for our names to be called, I caught the lovely face of a child backed by his mother, I smiled at the baby and he smiled back. That was all I needed to set out on the journey, the Niger Republic is a strange land with strange languages but then, Love is a universal language and that, I speak so fluently.

We got on-board and I was finally on my way to the Niger Republic. I didn’t know what to expect in the nation that has its citizen taking to our Nigerian streets for decades in search of greener pastures.


I realised that:

Delay is a bitter tonic, but it increases appetite.

-Austin O’Malley

Let’s meet here same time next week, I’m so sure you don’t want to miss the next series.


Is my chronicles reminding you of your dream?

Will you like to share it with me?

It takes an eagle to understand an eagle, I will like to hear from you.

Your Friend

-Ma Funmi


  1. Interesting …

    I Know God is set to make you pastor of a walless church (Stadium size congregation will learn from you)
    Keep up the ride.as we’re on a journey of glory

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