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Get Involved

How You can get involved

Hope Alive Skill

Acquisition Program:* This is where the parents and matured kids are equipped and empowered in order to make a legitimate income with all dignity.

The Oasis Academy

This is a one year reception program for the street kids. This is where they will learn good manners needed for a proper child and unlearn all Ill manners learnt on their years of living on the streets. Basically, this where we prepare the street kids for proper inclusion into formal schools.

Sponsor A Child Through School

In order to run craving hands to creative minds, we believe that education is the major key to achieving that.

Sponsoring a child to school is a way of contributing your part to help turn craving hands to creative minds. You can pay the school fees of a particular child for whatever period of term you wish to ensure a better future for such a child. With #20,000 per term you can get involved in raising a world future leader.

Sponsor A Parent

In order to have the kids settled in school,their parents must be empowered as the kids are their bread winners. Joining us to empower a mother with #20,000 will help take a whole family off the streets.