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Our Story

We are a non governmental organization in Nigeria (NGO) established on September 9th,2005 by Funmi Omisope in her year one in the university to give a better life to the street children and their parents begging on the streets of regardless of their background,religion or nationality. Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 13th December, 2013.

Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi) has been serving the street community for the last 15 years. With the vision “To Turn Craving Hands To Creative Minds”, HSKi has endeavored to heal hurting souls and turn sad faces into happy ones. We have touched the lives of children, who had no hope, and have given them an opportunity to flourish.

We rescue and rehabilitate street kids who are mainly abandoned, abused, desperate, neglected and hopeless. We then provide them with food, clothing, education, medical care, spiritual guidance, mentorship and – most importantly – unconditional love.

As a non governmental organization, we were ignited to act through various statistics on out of school children. We consider education as the best mode of rehabilitation. Through this program, we facilitate full transformation of rescued children by supporting them through education until they acquire the highest level of training based on their ability. We also empower their mothers and offer them vocational training to equip them for self-reliance.

Since 2005, HSKi has helped to inspire and connect over 2000 children to the bigger pictures of themselves. Currently, we have 100 children across Kwara State and FCT, Abuja benefiting from our program.

Our spiritual and mentorship programs are aimed at rehabilitating the children morally through positive character transformation with the view of making them to know and love God; while at the same time living dignified lives. Our goal is to transform them into people who can be trusted and relied upon in future.

It is amazing to listen to the stories of children who used to dig through dustbins and beg for alms on the streets with their parents or guardians for as long as they know themselves; who never went to school nor had nothing to eat; who had nowhere to sleep and tragically did not know God; but all these circumstances is drastically changing. They are now receiving education, getting to know God and aspiring to become someone great in the future.

These are children who would spend their lives walking in the streets, begging for alms, carrying heavy sacks full of left-overs. Their health was poor due to malnourished and sometimes drug abuse.

They had no food to eat and whenever they got something, it was mainly filthy left-overs in dust bins or food giving from some sort of prayer houses to divert one ailment or the other. They did not know good values such as honesty, courtesy, love or kindness. All they knew was fighting, abusing each other, plotting malice against one another and even stealing.

But after undergoing rehabilitation at HSKi, their lives drastically changed for the better. They became healthy; physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. They now live dignified lives full of hope.

As the Bible says in Jeremiah 32:27; “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind, is anything too hard for me?” It is difficult to understand and explain how God is touching and transforming the lives of these abandoned street children and turning them into pillars in society. Only God can make this happen. We thank Him for His faithfulness.

Our Vision
To turn craving hands to creative minds

Our Mission
To turn craving hands to creative minds through rehabilitation: guidance and counseling, skill acquisition training, quality education,policy advocacy and reintegration through our structured programs e.g Oasis academy which is a primary education program for the street kids to unlearn all the ill manners learnt from the years of living on the streets.  

Our Objectives

1. To transform the mind of the street kids and their parents.
2. To empower the parents of the street kids.
3. To provide shelter, medical care, food and educational support for the street kids.
4. To reintegrate the street kids in Nigeria and their parents back into society.

Street Kids In Nigeria in Oasis Academy Program

Our Services

  • Give physical and psychological care to the street kids.
  • Ensure standard education for the street kids.
  • Set and encourage high moral standards for the children to help them become good citizens of Nigeria.
  • Reintegrate empowered parents and educated kids into the society