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MY CURIOSITY LED ME TO DANGER ZONE! Chronicles of Ma Funmi,Season 18.

After my classes the following day, I went straight to the campus gate to check on the boy and his mother but didn’t see them. I asked the people around, one of the kids begging around told me the mother is at home and that the legs of the little boy had swollen. I asked where they live for I will like to check up on the boy. He gave me the description that sounds scary but I took off anyway.

Getting to Bodija Market Ibadan, I kept walking towards Kara which is at the back of the market. I asked people around where the children in light complexion (Niger Immigrants) lives around there. The look on their faces says it all for they don’t know what on earth is my business with them.

I kept on entering the corners pointed to me and indeed it was the back of the market where all manner of atrocity happens. At a point, I thought I should have gone with someone but it was already too late. Eventually, I found the woman and her son. They were shocked to see me, she showed me the drugs she bought for the boy and other medications.

While with them, I saw a young man that just returned from work. He is into menial jobs and not begging like others. We had a discussion and I told him my desire for his people. He was happy and told me to please not be discouraged till I achieve it. I was very happy and bid them goodbye while the young man saw me off through the danger zones.


I was able to learn that;

  • When there’s a will, there will be a way.
  • When we dare to go beyond the surface, we see clearly and get more committed.
  • Street beggars are human too. When we treat them as human we get to see them beyond their rags.

Till we meet same time next week, keep living intentionally. For each day is a gift that adds up to your great future.

Your Friend

Ma Funmi