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HE GOT KNOCKED DOWN BY A CAR! Chronicles of Ma Funmi. Series 17

I continued to pay attention to the street kids at our campus gate but didn’t know how to start out a serious conversation with them.

On a faithful Friday, I was leaving the school to go spend the weekend with my brother and his family in town when I saw a mother and her 3 year old son playing and laughing. The boy was holding #10 and was keeping it away from the mother. I said to myself, ‘so this people too have mother and son relationship?!’ I got more curious about them.

I went home without discussing this new curiosity with anyone. Coming back to school on Sunday, I was looking out for this mother and son that just captured my heart. Finally, I saw them and gave the son a pack of indomie noodles I just bought with a broad smile.

I was about entering the gate when one of the vendors standing by asked the mother if she had taken the little boy to the hospital. I was shocked, so I went back and asked the mother what happened to the boy.

The mother told me the boy while begging for arms yesterday got knocked down by a car. I looked at the boy and realized he wasn’t running around like I saw him on Friday. I felt bad and gave the last cash on me #200 to the mother to please take the boy to the hospital.

I knew the amount was way too small but that was all I could afford at that moment. Entering into the campus, it dawn on me that this is a good entrance for me into the street community. They know I’ve moved a step beyond just giving them arms to caring about their well-being.



I was able to pick that:

  • Street people are human too.
  • when the student is ready, the teacher always shows up.
  • whenever we say yes to destiny, things and people will start working in our favour to achieve it.
  • our purpose is infused in our normal daily activities.

Let’s meet here same time next week. Till then, don’t trash out your normal daily activities for hidden in it is a piece to the puzzle that forms that your BIG PICTURE! Meet you in the boardroom.

Your Friend,

Ma Funmi